American Horror Story: Asylum Season 2 “The Name Game” Review

What do we talk about first, American Horror Story fans? I feel like we should work "The Name Game" from final scene to first scene since the entire episode just kept getting crazier and crazier! First off, let’s talk about how happy I am that American Horror Story is back. I was thrilled when my reminded popped up this morning letting me know that the show had returned. So there’s that.

I was sort of hoping for a "previously on American Horror Story" since my recollection of "The Coat Hanger" was a little scarce, but once this episode kicked off, it was off to the races without much recap. Arden lies his fool head off to Kit and tells him that his alien buddies didn’t appear while he was dead. Lies, Arden. All lies. The aliens did appear to Arden, and Pepper laid down the law when it came to him examining Grace’s baby. The baby and mom are protected, and Arden has no power at all to figure out what is happening inside his ex-patient. Read More....


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