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Joan Vs. Jane: Who Wins the Battle?

There is going to be a smackdown soon. Who do you think will come out on top? Joan or Jane?


| 18:03 EDT, 12 Jun, 2009
Joan is way better!!!!....reading the comments, i don't think anyone gives Jane a real chance.
| 23:53 EDT, 17 May, 2009
Joan, definitely!!!!!! Without doubt.
| 20:41 EDT, 20 Oct, 2008
Joan without any doubt, finally a real woman on tv !
| 01:25 EDT, 20 Sep, 2008
joan. could there ever be any question??
| 18:18 EDT, 11 Sep, 2008
Jane is putting up a darn fine fight. I really don't like her, and I think it'll be a big enough hit to Joan's ego for Jane to put up a good fight even if Jane can't overthrow Joan. I think Jane needs an ego hit almost as much or even more than Joan does!
| 20:55 EDT, 10 Sep, 2008
Joan, totally, she's got the curves and the attitude.
| 18:13 EDT, 10 Sep, 2008
I think Joan always comes out on top, but Jane is definitely the best challenge yet.Also...that girl (Jane) looked so familiar and I couldn't place her for awhile....she played the daughter on Big Shots!

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