Naruto: Shippuden Episode #273-274 Anime Review

With Naruto: Shippuden having been doing things that obviously don’t work well recently, there’s been some hope placed on this double episode airing to get things back on track. After a skip week and then spending some time with an utterly pointless flashback episode, the war has felt pretty secondary lately even as we get little known supporting characters taking on bigger roles. Often this can work in giving someone who is much loved but gets little time a chance to shine, but it’s focused on such small characters from quite some time ago that it’s mostly been the die-hard fans that even recognize who some of them hare. Add that in with most of what we’ve seen being the white skinned cannon fodder on the enemy side and it’s lacked any real intensity or excitement to make what should be a standout series of events interesting. Read More...


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