Naruto: Shippuden Episode #278 Anime Review

After getting some drawn out but much needed time with Naruto as he struggles to deal with his Nine-Tails and what it all means, the series is ready to pivot again to another side. As the war that’s been talked about for so long finally got underway, it’s managed to pivot heavily almost every episode or every couple of episodes at best rather than tell a cohesive story. Having not read the manga, I can’t say where things are going to go here though I suspect that there are big, big moments to come. But what has come so far since things got formalized and since the troops started coming together to be rallied is that this is the most uninteresting and poorly executed war in anime that I can remember seeing. It just has no tension, not top tier characters getting things done and changes its focus far, far too often. Read More...


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