Naruto: Shippuden Episode #288 Anime Review

With some time focused on Tsunade and her background with the Raikage out of the way, Naruto: Shippuden shifts its focus to… Kakashi. Certainly not Naruto! With the battles we’ve seen so far, there’s been some decent fights and some troubling fights, particularly because of the use of the reanimated people that were once on the same side as the Allied Shinobi Forces, which makes for some really problematic battles. When you have to fight against a former teammate, master or someone you respected and looked up to, it can certainly hamper what you’re doing. And because the characters were already dead, it does give the show an out in how they’re dealt with since they’re easier to "kill" in a sense while the bad guys are still not really gutting any of the living characters. Read More...


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