Naruto: Shippuden Episode #294 Anime Review

With the show having some very good action briefly in the previous episode in dealing with the Nine-Tails that Kabuto and his group had created, it shifted to a whole lot of dialogue. Not bad material to be sure, especially in the context of viewing this as a movie cut up into several episodes, but it made for some slower time before things picked up once again. With the kids sensei having been taken now by him in an effort to glean the answers that Kabuto wants, it’s gone off the rails a bit simply because the kids themselves have taken to action by going after them and infiltrating the place where Kabuto’s currently holed up. It’s not a surprising turn of events really when you view how kids are often show in anime, and regular TV as well, but it does the predictable in making the adults in the room really panic. Read More...


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