Mad Men Season 2 Episode 6 "Maidenform" Reviewed

Well finally, Peggy did it! She pulled herself together as a attractive and stylish woman worthy of admission to the boy's club. Peggy's Blue Dress! I can't say she's a quick one though; I mean it has taken her nearly 2 1/2 years to FINALLY take the hint and find her outer beauty. I love that the writers have given her creative smarts! She's innovative (Clearasil story idea) and if she can retain credit for her work (I can see Pete stealing her thunder) she will be able to eventually call herself Don's equal. I'm anxiously awaiting the battle between Peggy and Pete. I believe no more Ms. Nice Gal is in order!

Pete, Pete, Pete! What are we going to do with your narcissistic self? And really, the insecurity that comes with having to conquer a woman just to boost his self esteem is pretty pathetic. That's going to continue to happen I suspect. But, in the end, I did indeed feel sad for him. Pete catching Peggy's eye as she sat on the Playtex's lap, I couldn't tell if it was disappointment or disgust coming from his eyes. Pete clearly realized she is a formidable opponent to challenge him for position. I mean, she gave up a child...I think she is willing to do just about anything to get ahead.

Don is overly destructive in this episode. He pushes Bobbi away, he call's Betsy "desperate" while all she wants is to be noticed by by him... I really feel so sorry for Don; I don't dislike his character at all and we the audience know he's loosing his ability to function under the stress. I find myself shouting to the screen, "Let them see you" but it's all in vain because Don's just walking through the motions , lying all the way because that's what he's good at, that's what he's used to, and that's what people want. I found it interesting that the only female that could illicit any kind of emotional reaction from him was his daughter.

Who didn't relish watching Duck fall apart. However, as a member of the SPCA, I was a little disappointed in the writer's decision to emphasize how disposable Chauncey was. There could have been a better outcome for such a beautiful dog. I say Duck's drinking will be gangbusters on the show. Love it!

Click here for a sneak preview of next week's "The Golden Violin".


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Sep 3, 2008 10:23AM EDT

Nice thoughts again, Jackie!I'll be interested to see if Peggy retains her straight hair/cleavagey look for the office or if it was a one-time only sort of a deal...Overall, I thought this week's episode was a little slower than usual (especially the Don/Betty story lines), but I really also enjoyed the character development we got in Duck.

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