The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Fishing for Compliments

NeNe and Gregg got engaged, so the will-they-won’t-they get back together of this season has become a moot point. This will not save us from Gregg’s overwrought expressions of love, but maybe they’ll slow down now that he is presumably getting laid.

At the start of the episode, NeNe is rehearsing a scene from The New Normal, and Gregg goes off script by saying he’s like a boxer who likes to "stick and move." Gregg. GREGG. Does the extra g in your name stand for "gross"? Bring it down a notch! I cannot believe this sort of wooing actually worked, but laughter is good for a relationship, so who knows. NeNe’s son Bryson comes over with his daughter, Bri’Asia, and NeNe explains that she found out about the pregnancy when she saw Bryson’s girlfriend was about six months along. No one explains the arbitrary apostrophe in that child’s name, but based on the floating apostrophes that have popped up with my own nieces and nephews, I’m going to chalk it up to a generational psychosis. The baby is adorrrrrrable! Bryson appears to have gotten his act together, but Gregg still "challenges him as a man" to be responsible, because milk is expensive. Good advice pops! Read More...


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