CSI: NY Season 9 Review “Command + P”

This was another episode of "CSI: NY" where the main characters take center stage over the primary crime at hand, though this one was front-loaded with a seemingly unrelated subplot before said murder that cleverly turned out to be a main character’s story in disguise. Entitled "Command + P" for reasons that became clearer only later, it revolved around, well, a revolver. Only this was one gun with a neat back-story of its own.

Full disclosure: there was an episode of another show I watch that featured a similar plotline- I want to say it was either "The Closer" or its sister show, "Major Crimes"- so the revelation of the gun’s origins wasn’t quite as shocking or surprising as it was the first time around, but it’s still a neat idea. Basically, the killer at hand used a so-called "printable gun"- hence the title, which was short for the computer jargon "command, then print"- which was basically a gun that can literally be printed by a computer with the right equipment, resulting in a one-use gun that is completely untraceable and disintegrates upon a second use, which the murderer finds out the hard way. Read More...



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