Person of Interest Season 2 Review “2?R”

When last we saw Reese, he was being led away in handcuffs by the FBI with a gaggle of other men in suits. In last night’s Person of Interest, Reese was booked into a cozy cell on Rikers. Lest you worried that Reese would be denied all creature comforts, the first thing Reese discovered in solitary confinement was a cell phone with Finch on the other end. Not even incarceration can stop Team Machine! Well, it kind of can. Finch was pretty much on his own in this episode, because as has been said many times, the numbers never stop coming.

Finch assumed the identity of a substitute math teacher in order to reach the person of interest – a slack jawed high schooler, Caleb Phipps, who hid his genius IQ behind a surly demeanor and smart assed quips. This was one of the more interesting side stories of the season because it was more subtle about weaving in the show’s philosophy regarding the mathematics of predestination. Finch explained to his class that all numbers are uniquely contained within the square root of Pi, including locker numbers, birthdays, and *ding, ding, ding* Social Security numbers. If our identifying information is captured within a mathematical formula, this lends credibility to the idea that a machine could shoot out the Social Security numbers of people in peril. Wait, no, it doesn’t. I’m still not sure how that kind of machine would work, but let’s just go with it. As Caleb said, people are the flaw, not the code. As we know from the last season and a half, subtlety has never been this show’s strong point, so the shift in approach was a pleasant surprise. Read More...


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