Once Upon a Time Season 2 Review “The Cricket Game” – When the Evidence Lies

We arrived in Storybrooke for the second half of the second season of Once Upon a Time right along with Cora and Hook in this week’s episode, "The Cricket Game." As the title would imply, poor Archie became the first (major) victim of Cora when she "killed" him in order to frame Regina for his murder.

Why would she want to frame her daughter? Well, what better way to get Regina back on her side than to ostracize her from the townspeople who were only just barely beginning to tolerate their former mayor/queen? Regina really was doing her best to rehabilitate herself, and I don’t think it was just for Henry’s sake, but then Cora came along and destroyed her efforts with a little circumstantial evidence that opened a floodgate of bad memories. Read More...



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