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The Simpsons Season 24 Review “Homer Goes to Prep School”

The Simpsons started this season fairly poorly, but seems to have settled into a groove recently of perfectly acceptable episodes. “Homer Goes to Prep School” is a fantastic example: it’s not great, but it’s not horrible. It’s just fine.

At the very least, the story is coherent, a loosely-connected first act leading to the main story, without any superfluous sideplots, and no confusing separate short at the end. The premise is a take on therecent popularity of apocalypse-fearing reality shows, with Homer becoming a “prepper” after a traumatic experience at the hands of other fathers at a children’s indoor amusement park. Of course, his new obsession actually distracts him from his job, bringing about a small disaster, and he’s forced to put his practice to the test. All in all, it’s a pat little story, with an expected ending. (Followed by an absurd, inconsequential twist as a joke, to be fair.) Read More...

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