Family Guy Season 9 Review “Space Cadet”

Given that this episode of "Family Guy" focused on Chris, by far the nerdiest of the gang (although I suppose Meg is a close second, only in a different way altogether), it seemed appropriate that the episode, "Space Cadet," would open with a Monty Python tribute. As the second of his shows in the last couple of months to feature such a tribute- the other being "The Cleveland Show"- it would seem that Seth MacFarlane was on a Python jag his own damn self. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, to adapt a phrase from another much beloved cult show.

Alas, it was not in fact, a full-blown tribute but rather more of a one-off joke, not unlike the one in the aforementioned "Cleveland." Too bad. If they can do not one, but several "Star Wars" spoofs, why not aPython tribute? It could be fun seeing the gang speak with terrible British accents! Oh well, it was not to be, but that’s not to say the episode was terrible. Read More...


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