Switched At Birth Season 2 Interview: Lucas Grabeel On Playing Toby

The season 2 premiere of Switched at Birth is only a few days away, and TV Equals was happy to be able to get the chance to hear from one of the stars of the series, Lucas Grabeel. During the conference call, Grabeel talked about what it’s like to play Toby Kennish, the differences between filming a movie and filming for television and more.

What’s ahead for the characters

Grabeel gave a short synopsis of what fans can expect for the characters during the new season.

"Well, at the beginning Daphne [Katie Leclerc] is still struggling to get over her infatuation with Chef Jeff [Justin Bruening], and it’s a hard situation that both of them…are put in, her being such a young person and him being established in his job and everything. And there’s a jeopardy that arises if he continues the relationship, and I don’t think she, as a 16-year-old, really understands that, and so that definitely puts a damper on her romantic desires," he said. "And Bay [Vanessa Marano] is trying to ward off any guy at the moment, at first, at least, to try to heal her wounds and just be alone and try to figure herself out for a little while. But I can safely say that doesn’t last too long." Read More...



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