'Deception': NBC's new drama has dirty, sexy, moneyed secrets

All families are complicated, and coming off of the holidays, few would disagree. But few families are quite as complicated as the Bowerses.The Bowerses are the family of NBC's drama "Deception," premiering Monday, Jan. 7. The family has amassed the sort of obscene wealth that usually comes at others' expense. This features people behaving really badly and expecting to get away with it because they are so rich.The pilot is crowded as it tries to lay the foundations for many stories, but stick with it. By the second episode, the pace improves, and the characters are more nuanced, and by the third, it becomes compelling.Set in New York and Connecticut, the show opens with the death of the family's adult daughter. It was initially considered a drug overdose, but Vivian was clearly beaten. Figuring out who did it sets up the series.The FBI recruits a police officer, Joanna Locasto (Meagan Good, "Californication"), to go under...



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