'The Bachelor' premiere: Sean Lowe gives you a rose! And you get a rose! And you get a rose!

Sean Lowe decides to shake things up a little on "The Bachelor" premiere, just handing out roses all willy-nilly, much to the consternation of the ladies. It is rather delightful to watch. But let's see how we got there ...We kick things off with Sean wearing a shirt -- but surely that won't last long. Oh! And there it is. Shirtless at 40 seconds in. Well, thank God because why else are we watching?The show makes us relive Sean's "love affair" with Emily, complete with him running through the streets of Prague calling her name and then pressing her up against a wall to make out. It's actually rather amazing the clips manage to find moments when Emily and Sean weren't making out, because it seemed like that was all they did. Which, hey, we don't judge because there are worse things. As the plinky-plunky strains of Emily Despair play, Sean thoughtfully leans on things...



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