What is the Best Episode?

I found myself asking what are the best single episodes in TV, and I came up with this list of the best episodes of television!

1) Season 1 Finale of West Wing

2) Season 4 Finale of The Office

3) Brendan Fraser's Death on Scrubs

4) Lost - Season 1 Finale

5) 20 Hours In America - West Wing

6) Arrested Development - 1st Episode

7) Expose - LOST

8) Season 3 Finale of Weeds

9) Scrubs - My Musical

10) Celestial Navigation - West Wing

11) Curb Your Enthusiasm - Krazee Eyez Killah

12) MASH - Series Finale

13) Entourage - Season 5, Episode 3

14) The Office - Season 3 Finale

15) Friends - The One With Brad Pitt

16) LOST - Walkabout

17) West Wing - Season 6 Finale

18) Justice League Unlimited - 2-Part Series Finale

19) My Lunch - Scrubs

20) House - Season 4 2-Part Finale

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Default avatar cat
Oct 28, 2008 11:08PM EDT

For your iinformation, I hate Jim Halpert and I picked those episodes because they have some amazing moments from other characters and shocking and good endings. Also, it's an opinion my friend. PS, Casino Night? You call me a Jamfan...

Default avatar cat
Oct 28, 2008 11:49PM EDT

hey, you're entitled to your opinion, my friend. I watch office for creed bratton and andy bernard and holly now, not jim the lame ass hasn't done anything since season 2 halpert.

Default avatar cat
Oct 29, 2008 2:48AM EDT

it's posted in every forum that the has a show mentioned.

Default avatar cat
Oct 29, 2008 11:14PM EDT

Hmm. "THE>OFFICE<", you seem to be making fun of this persons apparent "old age" while it is clear that you lack any distinct kind of maturity which would validate any of your complaints. I personally think that there are a few episodes on this list that are truly amazing, while I disagree with other. You really need to respect other peoples' opinions. And to repeatedly refer to this writer as a "fag" or any of his choices "gay" or of him being a "girl" is insulting. Clear bigotry. You give The Office a bad name.I do honestly hope that you are not in your teens; that would give my generation a bad name as well.

Default avatar cat
Oct 30, 2008 3:43AM EDT

i agree with everything u said Dariya.i seriously dont get what THE>OFFICE< is getting out of insulting somebody for making a list that they don't agree with? how low can you get?

Default avatar cat
Oct 30, 2008 10:37AM EDT

I disagree with most of them.I would add last episode of Sopranos, season 3 final of criminal minds, ep 1-2 of my own worst enemy, a lot of eps of Dexter.

Default avatar cat
Oct 30, 2008 1:16PM EDT

No Rescue Me? And how is Lost gay? If you've seen every episode, and have decided it's "gay" following that, than you're an idiot. If you've only seen a few, than how can you possibly hold such a stance? The series makes absolutely no sense unless you've seen it from beginning to end. Which is a plus in my opinion. Unlike the Office, in which maybe 4 lines an episode won't make perfect sense if you haven't been a constant viewer. And whether you're "jam fan mainstream scum" or a truly hardcore Office fan, how deep can you really go into the series?

Default avatar cat
Nov 5, 2008 1:43PM EST

Going by the quality of your replies, you probably just don't understand programmes like West Wing. Again, this isn't posted under The Office, it just appears there as the office is mentioned - along with many other shows. If you have an opinion argue it, don't just insult everyone else. Amazingly there is no correct answer to the best TV episode of all time - it's a matter of opinion, and yours is no more valid than anyone else's.

Default avatar cat
Dec 30, 2008 12:36AM EST

I don't know/love some of these, but I must agree with the West Wing episodes. Amazing writing. Aaron Sorkin is brilliant.

Large good to be queen
Dec 30, 2008 1:58AM EST

I'm sorry, but I've deleted some of the more insulting posts by "the office" on this thread.

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