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25 Greatest TV Characters

Here is a little list I cooked up of the 25 Greatest television characters (in my opinion)... at least the characters that make me keep watching television:

1) Ari Gold - Entourage

2) Juliet Burke - LOST

3) Michael Scott - The Office

4) Hawkeye Pierce - MASH

5) Josh Lyman - West Wing

6) Creed Bratton - The Office

7) The Janitor - Scrubs

8) Tobias Funke - Arrested Development

9) Andy Botwin - Weeds

10) Desmond Hume - LOST

11) Sam Seaborn - West Wing

12) Chandler Bing - Friends

13) Perry Cox - Scrubs

14) Charlie Pace - LOST

15) Commander Data - Star Trek: The Next Generation

16) Chuck Bartowski - Chuck

17) Ben Linus - LOST

18) James Wilson - House

19) Michael Bluth - Arrested Development

20) Thomas Magnum - Magnum P.I.

21) George Feeny - Boy Meets World

22) Johnny Drama - Entourage

23) Josiah Bartlett - West Wing

24) David Brent - The Office (UK)

25) Debra Barone - Everybody Loves Raymond


| 14:26 EDT, 31 Aug, 2009
Good to see so many LOST and West Wing characters on your list. I think Juliet is a little too high, and Ben is a little too low on the list, and I can't believe you left off Locke, but I'm glad there were so many LOST characters on there. Also, Frasier and Niles Crane should be near the top of any good TV fan's list.
| 00:22 EDT, 03 Aug, 2009
You guys are forgetting about a little show called The Wire - Omar Little, Stringer Bell, Marlo Stanfield, Bunk Moreland, Jimmy Mcnulty
| 21:22 EDT, 25 Mar, 2009
Barney Stinson, how can he not be there!:) From your list my pick is Chandler :]
| 20:01 EDT, 25 Mar, 2009
what about kojak? or barney stinson? and i gotta give a shout for andy sipowicz from nypd blue. also wilson instead of house, not sure about that :/
| 00:28 EST, 19 Nov, 2008
Great list! i would have also added Michael Scofeild ( prison break ) Peter Petrelli ( hereos and Turk and JD ( scrubs ) (=
| 22:26 EST, 13 Nov, 2008
COX over House. and i cant believe he aint in the list. but def the janitor is good. but i gotta say i love chandler bing too but yeah i think cox should be there somewhere but either way good choices :)
| 05:07 EST, 09 Nov, 2008
personally, i would have to say dexter morgan, and miguel prado both are pretty high on my list. also, Irene from 2 Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place. and definately toby ziegler and jeff green from curb your enthusiasm
| 21:38 EST, 03 Nov, 2008
i met larry david, hes different in person
| 21:36 EST, 03 Nov, 2008
Cox or House? I say Cox kicks more ass, should be ahead of chandller bing, but good list none the less
| 17:08 EST, 03 Nov, 2008
haha... kramer from seinfeld... now he was brilliant.
| 00:22 EST, 03 Nov, 2008
i didnt count cartoons.
| 19:33 EST, 02 Nov, 2008
i agree with adexal doug has to be on there but overall your list is way to narrow minded top 25 and only 16 shows(i think), would add barney from himym, spike and cartman if you count cartoons.
| 18:37 EST, 02 Nov, 2008
if you have Andy Botwin there how is it you have missed Doug Wilson!
| 14:33 EDT, 30 Oct, 2008
Great picks! All those Lost characters are definitely those who make the show the most fascinating. My other big character loves from your list would be the adorable Chuck Bartowski, Michael Scott, Tobias and Michael, Wilson, Feeney, and of course Ari Gold. So many good ones! Also because of my current show obsessions, I'd have to add Ned & Chuck from Pushing Daisies, plus Charlie Crews from Life and Sookie from True Blood.
| 23:58 EDT, 29 Oct, 2008
I thought about Larry DAvid, but I'm not sure I can count him seeing how he is a real person....
| 19:56 EDT, 29 Oct, 2008
I agree you definitely need Jack Bauer, Tony Soprano, and Dexter Morgan. Also cant go wrong with Hank Moody from Californication, Charlie from Always Sunny in PA, Kramer from Seinfeld, and Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm.
| 17:09 EDT, 29 Oct, 2008
yeah i agree with heavy on the Lost characters I would have thrown in Tony Shaloub on Monk, but that's just me. Totally agree with Ari at the top. great picks!
| 00:46 EDT, 29 Oct, 2008
Darn, I shoulda thrown in Dexter! Good call.
| 00:25 EDT, 29 Oct, 2008
Awesome idea.I love some of your choices - and that you were diverse enough to throw in Data from Star Trek and Tobias from Arrested Development. Maybe a little heavy on the Lost though...Some more of my favorites not on here: Jack Bauer (24), Sydney Bristow (Alias), Samantha Jones (Sex and the City), Admiral Adama (Battlestar Galactica), Dexter Morgan (Dexter) and Tony Soprano (The Sopranos).

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