'Ben and Kate' videos: The failure of thinking and ideas in 'B Squad'

"Ben and Kate" returns from its midwinter hiatus with "B Squad," an episode that takes a completely not serious look at the issues facing our education system these days. Also, someone steals the idea for a really, really awful food-industry business.The videos start out with the least-fun playdate ever experienced by young children. Studying, however, may be a necessary thing if Maddie's (Maggie Elizabeth Jones) friend Norman doesn't know the difference between a vowel and a number.Fortunately, the "fun" and "games" of studying are interrupted by the non-test persona of Ben (Nat Faxon).Would a bunk-bed pizza really be like a sleepover in your mouth? Mostly it just sounds messy.Apparently, Kate (Dakota Johnson) has never told Maddie anything about her father. That does seem a bit odd. Even if he (literally) ran away.Considering their ages, there might not have been a gifted program when Ben and Kate were in school. Mainstreaming was a big thing in...



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