'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3 winter premiere: 'She's Better Now' sees Mona on the loose in Rosewood

Welcome back, "Pretty Little Liars" fans! It seems like it's been so long since the Halloween train episode, but PLL really came back with a bang this winter, no?Mona is now loosed back on Rosewood, having been released from the nuthouse. She desperately wants to be normal and be friends with the Liars, which we're on the fence about -- is she sincere? Has she gotten better, really? Only Hanna seems to buy it, though Mona is doing herself no favors by creepily sneaking to Hanna's room in the middle of the night. We think for now we're going with "cautious optimism" regarding Mona. Well, that is, until she tried to kill Meredith in a fiery shed. Was it Mona behind that? Was it "A"? We think we're supposed to think it's Mona, but it's really "A", so perhaps we don't have to give up on her so quickly.Interestingly, Mona and Jason DiLaurentis appear to...



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