Cougar Town Review: Dancing Blues

After what feels like a year off the air, a transition to TBS and a change in showrunners... Cougar Town is back! And it’s still the one of the best comedies on television.

That alone warrants a dance party.

The recurring themes and gags that made "Blue Sunday" apply to Cougar Town overall as well: Jules is still a little narcissistic, Bobby and Laurie have plenty of screwball stories and advice and Ellie is still just as sharp-witted.

But the quirks are always balanced with nice moments of love and friendship. So while Jules is having post-wedding time bliss and blues, Ellie is trying to tidy things up for her emotionally by giving Grayson a heads up (the torch passing was an especially good moment). Travis is looking down on his father’s advice, especially when Bobby literally runs away from his problems, but when the time is right it’s the exact thing Travis needs his drunken, naked confessions to her in Cougar Town Season 3. Read More...


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