'New Girl': Absinthe, crack cocaine and awkwardness

"New Girl" is at its best when things get awkward. Thus, "Cabin" -- an episode in which Jess and Nick double-date in the woods while Schmidt tries to learn about being black from Winston -- should be a classic.It came pretty close. It's too bad that drugs and hardcore alcohol tend to slow down any results.Nick and Jess and the Green FairyWhen Jess (Zooey Deschanel) invited Nick (Jake Johnson) and Angie (Olivia Munn) for a cabin weekend, it was never going to end well. The fact that Jess only wanted company to avoid intimacy with Sam (David Walton) made that very clear.What made it worse?Rifles -- Jess shot out the cabin's transformer, plunging everyone into cold darkness.Absinthe -- The Green Fairy is a fickle devil who brings suffering along with a drunken haze.Swinging -- Someone should have told Angie that "going to a cabin" doesn't mean "trading sexual partners."All of this resulted in some...



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