Bunheads Winter Premiere Review “You Wanna See Something?”

The thing about this week’s episode of Bunheads, "You Wanna See Something?", is that we already knew what was going to happen. Michelle had to come back, or else there would be no Bunheads. So there’s no drama that can be wrung out of suspense here, because there is no suspense. But thankfully, the show didn’t even try. The mystery, what little there is (and a show like this doesn’t need a lot of mystery) is about what happened over the time we’ve skipped.

You see, since Michelle left, Fanny’s been too exhausted or depressed or whichever to keep the studio going, and so has filled it with junk. Her adventures in kitchen renovation with Truly early in this episodewere the one piece that didn’t ever work for me, but I think that’s just because Truly has never quite worked for me. I understand that we’re in the Amy Sherman-Palladino-verse, where everything’s a little fantastical and people have at least five times more quirk than standard, but Truly just feels manic, not endearing. I’m too concerned for her well-being to laugh.


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