Emily Owens, MD Season 1 Review “Emily and the Love of LARPing” – Elves Need Love, Too

Although there’s something to be said for stability, no one likes a rut. In this week’s (second) episode of Emily Owens, MD, "Emily and the Love of LARPing" (and, yes, it is spelled that way, no matterwhat your DVR might have said), our heroine got a little pressure from Cassandra and Tyra to break out of her own rut. In other words, they decided she needed to get laid. Isn’t that always other people’s answers to everyone’s problems?

The problem is that Emily is still a little bit stuck on Will (and given his reaction to her red dress and the way she kissed another guy in it, he isn’t totally oblivious to her), and she has no idea that she’s meant to be with Micah. Fortunately, after losing a patient and getting sued by the patient’s daughter, Micah pulled his head out of his butt and realized that he couldn’t just ignore his feelings for Emily.

What I love about Micah was that he did the most mature thing after that realization. He immediately sought out the OB/GYN doc he was seeing and gently ended the relationship. What I love even more is that he managed to not lie to her, but also had the good sense to leave Emily out of the conversation. Breaking up with someone is a balancing act in real life, and TV never, ever gets it right. People either lie about their reasons entirely or they tell the whole truth and nothing but, which only causes more damage. I am totally on Team Micah.



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