Pretty Little Liars Season Three Review “She’s Better Now”

Hello all! This is Mark Trammell here, and I will be covering the second half of the latest season of"Pretty Little Liars" for you and will hopefully continue to do so until the bitter end of the series. I have been a fan of the show since day one, but full disclosure: I haven’t read the books as of yet. That may soon change, as I received a box set of the first four for Christmas, so hopefully I will be able to further discuss the similarities and the differences between the two by the time next season starts- or at least start to- there’s like twelve books (soon to be one more in June) so far!

Anyway, until then, I will strictly be making predictions and the like based on the show alone, especially since they’ve already said there would be divergences in the two, as well there should be, IMHO. I mean, hey, it worked for "The Walking Dead." Besides, I think the idea of having two separate culprits for each is kind of fun- or multiple culprits, that is, assuming there’s a "A-Team" that’s an actual team in the books as well. Think of it this way, book fans: if you don’t like one solution to Alison’s murder, there’s always a take two for the show. That’s pretty cool if you ask me.


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