'American Horror Story: Asylum' episode 11 'Spilt Milk' recap: Did they really kill ... ?

Now that's how to make an episode of "American Horror Story: Asylum."It's already been a strong season (or installment, or whatever it should be called), but as we head into the home stretch it's great to see the show kicking into first gear and delivering an hour as stylish, thrilling and surprising as "Spilt Milk." Director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon and writer Brad Falchuck really outdid themselves with this one.Last week's culmination of the Sister Mary Eunice possession storyline was strong, but now that she and Dr. Arden have left us, "Asylum" was able to focus in on three core "couples" Lana and Thredson, Sister Jude and the Monsignor, and Kit and Grace.First up, we got what seemed to be some serious advancements in the alien storyline. Grace gives Kit a pretty heady information download: "Time works differently up there," she tells Kit accompanied by beautifully evocative and downright eerie imagery from her time on the spaceship....



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