'Buckwild' Is What Happens When People Stop Being Polite And Start Producing Poverty Voyeurism

"Buckwild," the West Virginia-centered MTV reality show that's been compared to both "Jersey Shore" and "Jackass," is set for its second airing tonight after the show's debut back-to-back episodes scored strong ratings. Like all reality shows, "Buckwild" has its critics, and chief among them is West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, who -- despite having no problem playing to stereotypes when it's suited him -- decried the show in a letter to MTV's president Stephen Friedman as a "travesty" that profits from its depictions "of the poor decisions of our youth."

Less esteemed critics have sounded similar concerns. Over at Crasstalk, one predicts that "Buckwild" will "never show a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer or even a competent store clerk," let alone any of West Virginia's unique wonders. The A/V Club's Austin Bernhardt agrees, saying, "Despite their oh-so constant declarations to the contrary," the show's cast members' "hometown pride and country upbringing don’t manifest themselves in any fascinating or unusual lifestyle quirks." It's just an exploration of the most generic sort of stupidity. Read More...



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