Law and Order: SVU Season 14 Review “Beautiful Frame” – A Conspiracy of Evil

There’s nothing more despicable than a rapist in a position of power. In this week’s episode of Law and Order: SVU, "Beautiful Frame," one such man managed to wedge himself into the DA’s office in neighboring Suffolk county and proceeded to nearly get away with murder by framing one of his rape victims.

Since the original rape took place in Manhattan, SVU got involved on behalf of the victim after she was arrested for supposedly murdering her boyfriend. It quickly became clear to them and their DA that the girl was being framed by her rapist, a CI for the Suffolk DA. The cards were stacked against her in Suffolk, but the Manhattan DA was able to hold his own trial for the murder as…um…the gun was procured there? I don’t know; that part kind of lost me. I never knew that two separate DA’s offices could try two different people for one crime.



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