Whitney Season 2 Review “2 Broke Hearts”

On tonight’s "Whitney," entitled "2 Broke Hearts," we saw, as the title would suggest, examples of two types of broken hearts. One belonged to the lovely Lily, who hooked up with slow talker Eddie, who had a bad…habit…of…pausing…for extreme lengths of time, prompting the gang to start finishing his sentences rather than wait endlessly for his replies. Hey, that’s one way to pad out 22-odd minutes, I suppose.

Alas, it was not to be, in large part to the fact that Lily was so convinced that he was going to break up with her when he set her aside to talk that she interrupted him at every turn, just as she’d admonished her friends for doing. Unfortunately for her, she was so off the hook crazy in her comments that, after admitting that, in fact, he was going to ask her to move away with him to San Diego, he changed his mind altogether and dumped her. Whoops!



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