'Scandal' - 'One for the Dog': 6 reasons this is the most bananas show on television

Happy new year from "Scandal," which opened 2013 by cementing its reputation as the jaw-droppingest, eye-rollingest, flat-out craziest drama on TV.None of which is to say it's not fun -- the breathless pace and breakneck plot twists make it frequently entertaining. But as the attempted assassination of Fitz piled on the election-fraud plot and the ongoing thwarted affair between Olivia and the president, logic has increasingly taken a holiday.All that was in play in Thursday's (Jan. 10) episode, "One for the Dog." Let's count up the nuttiness. (Everything has an exclamation point, because "Scandal" is just that kind of show.)1. Torture! One of the first scenes of the episode shows Huck being waterboarded after being taken into custody under the Patriot Act at the end of the last episode. The scenes present a dark, dark vision of government power (albeit one grounded in fact) -- and they also raised a flag for the presence of...



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