I was a little down on 24 after last week's lack-luster episode. NOT ANYMORE. This episode is the first time in Season Seven I've felt the heart-pounding panic-suspense-excitement that I generally associate with 24. It may have taken 10 episodes to finally get here, but IT WAS SO WORTH IT. There were so many good things, I don't even know where to start...

1) Janis is not the new Chloe.

She's like the old Chloe, but less awkward, and just as smart and tech-savvy. And Chloe is no longer the nagging, socially inept, misunderstood genius of old - she's learned tact, but uses it badly, and the overall result is brilliant. Janeane Garofalo and Mary Lynn Rajskub are brilliant.

2) Bill!

I love Bill Buchanan. He is possibly my favorite 24 character ever. He's got just the right amount of action and thought - not afraid to shoot people, but also not afraid of telling off Jack Bauer. Plus, he's dependable! This episode gets writing kudos for excellent Bill time.


It's taken me awhile to warm to President Allison Taylor (I still miss the Palmers...), but after the 6:00 PM hour, I have genuine respect for her. The weight of decisions really seems to affect her, which in turn helps me feel the impact. She isn't afraid to be a leader. AND, she's the first non-antagonist presidential character to really say "no" to Jack Bauer and sell it. Brava Cherry Jones!

4) New things!

This season has seemed recycled. But here are two fantastically new things. First, an outright infantry attack on the White House. Second, getting there UNDERWATER. (I have to say it once - OMG.)

and finally...


It's ten or so minutes after the end of the episode and I'm still all hyped up on adrenaline. This episode got my blood pumping! The Renee storyline has redeemed itself in my eyes - I don't know how I feel about her still, but that whole sequence is absolutely the best thing to come out of this season so far!

I didn't watch 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM yet, so I'm closing this without editing because I AM SO PUMPED...BECAUSE REAL 24 IS BACK!!!


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