Last Resort Season 1 Review “Damn the Torpedoes”

Well, here we are folks! The first episode of Last Resort in 2013 is also the first of the final three episodes. "Damn the Torpedoes" seems to be quickly escalating all of the major story lines just in timefor their series finale in a couple weeks. Most of the stories are moving along in a swift and satisfying manner, and some of them…not so much.

So Sam is obviously in mourning over the assumed death of his wife. How do you know he’s in mourning? Because he grew a big, nasty beard! People on TV shows only grow gross beards if they’re depressed or drunks, so it looks like Sammy qualifies for the former. Anyway, he goes on a little hike to clear his head, and he happens upon a few sailors and the Cob discussing a mutiny! As a big fan of the X-Files, I was very excited to hear Robert Patrick joining the Last Resort cast, but I definitely feel his character has been a little shortchanged. He’s been off the show for a few episodes in a row before the last one, and now we find out he’s a part of some rebel group out of the blue? He tells Sam he’s not with them, but he sure didn’t seem very innocent hanging out with them and attacking the XO. His character has been very back and forth throughout the series, so I’m hoping we get some resolution for the Cob before the finale.



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