Scandal Season 2 Review “One for the Dog”

Welcome to a new year and an awesome new Scandal. There are a few tv shows that always have meon the edge of my seat yelling at the tv, and Scandal happens to be one of those shows. This episode was certainly no exception. There was a lot going on in this episode, so let’s get to it.

A few thoughts about "One for the Dog":

This week’s episode picked up pretty much where the last one left off. About 3 days have passed since the Scary Men in Black Suits came and took Huck away. For those 3 days they beat, waterboarded, and basically just tortured him trying to get him to confess. I don’t want to get into an in-depth discussion about the morality or the immorality of torturing American citizens on American soil. ABC broadcasted a disclaimer about the level of violence in the episode prior to airing it, but their disclaimer didn’t really cover the brutality wee were about to witness. I admit, I had to cover my eyes for some of what they were doing to Huck. Thankfully, though, Huck wasn’t in there totally alone. David was there as the US Attorney’s representative. I’m not saying that David was there as Huck’s friend; he wasn’t. But David was the one man in that basement who was interested in making sure they had the right guy. I was kind of starting to warm up to David a little, but this episode sent me a pretty good piece down the road toward really liking him. He is the one character on the show that I feel is really, truly trying to do the right thing and has pure motives. He doesn’t just know the law; the law is who he is. It’s not just words on a page to him. Truth and justice actually mean something to him. He was obviously uncomfortable with Huck being tortured (we all were), but it wasn’t just the physical discomfort that comes from watching a man being beaten to within an inch of his life. It was the discomfort that comes from knowing that the Constitution that you believe in and have sworn to uphold is being used as justification for destroying the very rights and protections it guarantees to American citizens. Ultimately, it was a good thing that David was there. He not only saved Hucks life; he also assisted in saving Fitz’s life.


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