The Office Season 9 Review “Lice”

On the latest episode of "The Office" and the first of the New Year, the gang got things off to a nice start with the excellent "Lice." In it, while Jim was having the best day ever-cooling with none other than famed basketballer Dr. J.- Pam was having the worst…day…evah! (Okay, I’d say Meredith, but she clearly owned that new do, or lack thereof, like a BOSS!)

As if handling household chores alone wasn’t bad enough, baby Cece had head lice, which Pam promptly and unwittingly set loose in the office, setting off instant panic- and blame for poor Meredith, who Sinead O’Connor-ed herself in protest, though she didn’t blame the office for blaming her, which only served to make Pam feel extra worse. Not that she needed the extra help, after Erin confused her with Meredith! (Well, that won’t be the case for a while with that new look she’s sporting.)


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