An inspirational film about a child and friendship.

I first noticed the movie in a preview shown in another movie i was watching in the theater at that time. It already looked very interesting, and already i planned to watch it when it premiers in Israel, where i live. Of course, one thing leading to the next i did not get up to watching it for a while after it came out (when you are alone in the theater watching a movie. you know what i mean?), and wow! was i impressed.

This is a movie about a child, and about friendship. about loneliness of a 10 year old child when his father is off at war. It's a movie about a child with a very narrow, if existent at all, social life. But most of all, it is a movie about comfort in the unknown.

When the child, Agnes finds the egg, and discovers what was inside, he is comforted by his secret. Agnes and his older sister share the secret and try to withhold it from the mother of the house (or is she?). though as seen in the movie, wheneer Agnes, the child feels lonely, he seeks comfort in the shiny skin of his friend the Waterhorse, Cruso.

it is a remarkable movie, with an absolutely extrodinary production and screenplay. the excitement of older Agnes while telling the story, is acting worth a prize. it is marvelous to see the changes in the male tourist listening to the story, fro m before he walked into the shop, ubtill he left.

a movie recommended by me (but who am i?), for everyone! A great winter night family kind of movie.



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