Scandal Recap: Letters, Ligature Marks, and Liars

Huck is in a hole, Hollis is in the crosshairs, and Harrison is a gladiator in a suit — this is how you resume a show after a holiday break!

When we get back to our favorite fictional D.C. dwellers, Hollis is trying to convince the Woman I Will Still Call Vice-President Langston to give herself a public pat on the back for catching the president’s would-be assassin; Langston does not want to, since Huck has not actually confessed yet, but on Hollis’s suggestion, they are using "advanced interrogation techniques" like waterboarding and general face-punching to try to break Huck, tucked away underground in a glass cube. Newly reinstated Assistant United States Attorney David Rosen is uncomfortably watching the interrogation from beneath his freshly combed-back, totally serious hairdo; he asks the group of shadowy men if perhaps they can stop waterboarding a U.S. citizen in a government building since he is technically representing the U.S. and not overwhelmingly comfortable with the ordeal. One of the heavies tells him that this is not American soil: This is the Pentagon, they’re going to do whatever they want, and David Rosen, "Shut. Your. Mouth," which he absolutely does. Read More...


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