CSI: NY Season 9 Review “Civilized Lies”

This week’s "CSI: NY" at least tried to do something new in the episode entitled "Civilized Lies." As well it probably should after recycling a plotline used on its sister show not too long ago in last week’s episode about the "printable" gun. I’m happy to say the gambit mostly paid off, with the results much more original than many shows can muster this late in the game. Sure, they’ve done variations of it on the likes of "The Closer," but I liked the approach to it here.

Basically, the entire episode focused in on one specific case: the murder of an off-duty cop moonlighting as a security guard. Now one pet peeve of mine is when they introduce a character out of the blue and drive home how awesome that person is right before they take them out, after which they are typically martyred into the greatest thing since sliced bread. It works a little bit better if it’s a relative of a known character, but that was not the case here, so that aspect of the story suffered a little bit because of the tired plot element, which I’m gonna go on and refer to as the "red shirt" issue, as in that guy on "Star Trek" that you always knew was gonna buy the farm because he wasn’t a cast regular. "Lost" was also guilty of this throughout their run, with their version of it being members of the "Others" or rogue castaways that we somehow missed before they made their presence known on the show because the script dictated it out of nowhere and then were swiftly dispatched.



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