House of Lies Season 2 Review “Stochasticity”

First and foremost, big congrats to "House of Lies" star Don Cheadle on his well-deserved win at the Golden Globes for his stellar work here. Cheadle really hit the ground running with his character here, Marty Kaan, and in no time established exactly who this character was and what he was about before spending the rest of the season slowly but surely peeling back the layers of BS to show who he really was. Granted, there’s still plenty of blanks to fill in, but, thankfully, we still have another season to discover exactly what that is.

With the premiere episode, the oddly-titled "Stochasticity," there’s already a mystery to be had, as Marty and his team associate Jeannie (the always delightful Kristen Bell) shared a night of…something. I don’t know about you, but it was impossible to not flashback to Bell’s breakthrough role on "Veronica Mars" when she revealed she couldn’t remember a thing about their lost evening together. (Fans will recall that one of the driving mysteries of the entire series, which was not revealed until near the end of the show’s run, was the fact that Mars was raped by an unknown assailant the same night her best friend was murdered.)



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