Continuum Interview: Rachel Nichols, Victor Webster and EP Simon Barry Discuss the Series’ U.S. Premiere

Continuum, the show about a futuristic cop who’s trying to get back home to her time period as well as stop dangerous terrorists, is making its American debut on SyFy, and TV Equals was glad to be able to learn more about this series from two of the show’s stars, Rachel Nichols and Victor Webster, as well as the executive producer, Simon Barry, in a conference call. Read on to see how the show came to be and more.

Technology from 2077

Since part of Continuum‘s intrigue stems from the cool futuristic tools, Nichols and Webster talked about the types of gadgets they’d like to have in 2013.

"This is the best question for me, because I would take my multi-tool. It’s small, it travels well, it does anything I could possibly need it to do in any situation," said Nichols. "[A]nd…In Season Two, the multi-tool does a lot of different things pretty much every time we see it."



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