Suits Season 2 Mid-Season Premiere Advance Review “Blind-Sided” – The Fallout

In the season 2 mid-season premiere of Suits, called "Blind-Sided," we find out what the fallout is from everything that happened in the summer finale, and how everyone has been dealing with Daniel getting boosted from the firm.

Hi folks, it’s that time again. Time to play another rousing game of "how much can I say about the episode without giving away spoilers!" So let’s get started, shall we?

Mike isn’t where you might expect him to be

The last few episodes were pretty hard on Mike, what with losing his grandmother and then having to jump in and help Harvey from the combined efforts of Daniel and Louis. Mike definitely made some mistakes (such as sleeping with a married), but he also fixed a few things, too. So I went into this episode expecting that everything would be somewhat back to normal with him. I figured he would have learned his lessons and be ready to make things right. Turns out that’s not entirely the case and Mike is on a downward and scary spiral. The question in my mind became: will he stop before the episode is over. We do get an answer to that question, but you’ll have to watch the episode to find out.



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