Revenge Review: Keep Your Enemies Closer

In a town like the Hamptons it pays to keep the your rivals and frenemies close to you. In "Sabotage" Emily, the Graysons, and the rest of the cast made it their business to keep certain people in their sights.

The person currently on nearly everyone's radar? Helen Crawley. Yep, The Initiative is taking over Revenge.

To taking it slowly and drinking it quickly. | permalink

Smooth toast Daniel. By the way, that's a million dollar bottle of wine those two faux lovebirds are toasting with. Or apparently a million dollar bottle of vinegar. The bottle may have been undrinkable but it got Daniel side by side with Emily and a front row seat to an awkward conversation with Aiden. Emily's closeness with Daniel is the one "too close for comfort" relationship that I worry will turn into more. Read More...


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