The Good Wife Recap: French Twist

Unfortunately, it’s looking as though the only way to enjoy The Good Wife these days is to accept that there isn’t going to be much continuity between individual episodes. Character development, consistent tone, plot threads that seem to be progressing somewhere — sure, those things would be nice to have, but they apparently have little place in season four. Does Alicia have an interior life? Is Cary only pretending to be a main character? Do we really have to keep caring about the firm’s financial health because it’s just about the only continuous arc around? I’d love answers to those questions,
you’d love answers to those questions, but after this week’s episode, I’m beginning to think that we’re never going to get them and we should just stop expecting them. It’s not fair, it’s not right, but it’s okay. Just okay, though, and we fell in love with this show when it was much better than okay. Sigh. Read More...


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