Lost Girl Review: Life Is Too Short

Nice fake out, Lost Girl

In the season 2 finale, Bo's dark side emerged, though she was able to control it. That darkness is just waiting to come out, so the "Caged Fae" opening fooled me. I bought Bo's turn to the criminal side, well, at least at first. Once she got to the Dal, everyone seemed to be overplaying their role to a point that it looked like a set up. Phew, what a relief to know it was an act.

Bo would do anything to help those she cares about, so it was no surprise that she would go to prison to help Lauren ... even a skunky-smelling, Lauren. Instead of helping Lauren in the medical center, Bo was assigned to be a sex object for the warden. Poor Bo was stuck cleaning a floor with a toothbrush in a skimpy outfit. Though, that provided her with access that she wouldn't have otherwise had to the warden's office. Read More...



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