Shameless Season 3 Review “El Gran Canon”

If you thought Fiona and Jimmy (aka Steve) has found their happy ending and would be living a life of domestic bliss when Shameless returned for season three, think again. Sure, Jimmy has become the perfect house husband to complement Fiona’s increased ambition, but neither of their stories ends the hour in such a perfect state. In general, ‘El Gran Canon’ ties up loose ends while setting up somecrushing disappointments for the Gallaghers to enjoy later.

We’ve skipped winter, leaving three months of lost time to figure out. Frank’s still missing but the only one who seems to have noticed is Deb, who has sweetly created a kind of memorial on the front fence. As Fiona points out, he always comes back, and so he does. He’s made to suffer a little first, of course, as he only finds his way back in the country via a fake passport and a boat load of cocaine up his jacksee. Considering their reaction to his return, will he even factor into his family’s life at all this season?



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