2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And the Bear Truth”

Our “2 Broke Girls” finally caught a break this week in “And the Bear Truth,” and it’s high time because things haven’t exactly gone swimmingly since ye old cupcake shop opened. Actually, they ended up getting two breaks, though one turned out to be a bad idea all-around in hindsight.

First up, customer Dottie announced that she wanted the girls to cater her wedding, though Max initially had her doubts, especially given all the free samples they were doling out. Caroline rested easier when she saw the finance come in and lay one on his bride-to-be, but Max retained her suspicions, though they ultimately proved unfounded.



| Jan 16, 2013 9:44PM EST
Thanks for your recap! The ladies in my office at DISH found Max’s jokes about Dottie’s free samples a little dry, but I liked the cupcake jokes. And the bears were hilarious. After watching this episode I can’t wait to see if the girls are going to catch another break on the next episode. I forgot to set it to record before I left town and would usually be close to tears, but now I have a DISH Hopper. It auto-records the big 4 network’s prime time shows with its PrimeTime Anytime feature, so my bad memory never gets in the way of me watching my favorite programs. And with how old I am, that is always helpful.

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