Being Human Season 3 Review “It’s a Shame About Ray”

Picking up 15 months after last year’s season finale had pretty much everyone between a rock and a hard place- literally in the case of poor Aidan- we got what at first seemed like an idyllic scene with everyone back together cracking wise about Josh’s dubious cooking skills as "Being Human" seemed to lighten up considerably from where we last left it.

Sally: "I think it’s a mistake to let a Jewish werewolf loose on a crustacean. There, I said it."
Aidan: "Regardless of what your people think of shellfish, it’s just, your knife skills are really shoddy."

Funny stuff, and, naturally, a complete fake-out. Welcome back to the world of "Being Human," where the laughs don’t laugh for long. You’d probably start to hallucinate and get a little wacky if you were buried alive and couldn’t die, too. Aidan eventually got out of the hole he’d gotten himself in when Mickey, an enterprising individual who knew where he was dug him up not to free him, but to siphon his supposedly "pure" blood to sell to vampire suffering from a flu virus they got from humans, which proved highly contagious…and deadly. As if this weren’t out of the frying pan into the fire enough, the vamp wasn’t willing to take a little when he could take it all, so he killed Mickey and kidnapped Aidan for himself.


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