Castle Season 5 Review “Under the Influence” – The Softer Side of Javier

I wish I had more to say about "Under the Influence," this week’s episode of Castle, but the sad fact is that nothing really happened. At least not to Castle and Beckett. Esposito got some good screen time and a bit of backstory which was nice, but as for the case itself…I have to give it a yawn.

Sorry if that upsets anyone, but can you honestly tell me that you were totally riveted to your screen? This is not me attacking the show as a whole; not every episode will be perfect. This was just an off week. But I do think I know why. Castle is a great show about the relationship between a writer and a cop…but it relies heavily on the charm and screen presence of Nathan Fillion. This is not a dis on the other actors who are all amazing, but the balance of them versus Castle has to be precise. If it tips too far over into "them" without enough "him"…honestly you just have another cop show, no different from any other cop show on the air.


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