Switched at Birth Season 2 Review “The Awakening Conscience”

It looks like we might have finally seen the back of the Buckner school uniform in Switched at Birth, ‘The Awakening Conscience’, as Bay trades in private school for deaf school without thinking through all of the consequences. If she thought those privileged rich kids were bad, she knows nothing of students scorned once she invades their previously inviting land of Carlton Academy.

She’s not alone, though, as a fellow student joining on the program instantly attaches to her. Teo, who we met briefly last week, doesn’t really make an impression here, but I’m sure he’ll factor more into Bay’s life at some point. Maybe with her new school attacking them both for being somewhere she doesn’t fully belong, Bay and Teo will develop something more than friendship? Fans want to see Bay and Emmett together, of course, but what then? We all know that if a show’s star-crossed lovers ever actually reconcile, we may as well stop watching. Would people accept a new love interest for Bay?



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