Hart of Dixie Season 2 Review “Old Alabama” – Ye Olde Southern Living

Hart of Dixie returned this week with "Old Alabama," emphasis on the "old" as the citizens scrambled to celebrate Founder’s Day by going off the grid, 1700?s-style, for 48 hours, culminating in a big, traditional feast. Have I mentioned how much I love Bluebell? I swear, they must be sister cities with Stars Hollow, CT.

Preoccupied with his breakup (and blaming Lemon for it), Lavon nearly let his Founder’s Day preparation duties slide, not a good thing since a reporter from Southern Living was going to be in town to write up the festivities. Maybe no one above the Mason-Dixon line or west of the Texas state line can understand this, but Southern Living is to belles what Cosmopolitan is to desperate single women. We’d call it the Bible, but that would be sacrilegious for most folks. Needless to say, it’s a big deal, and Lemon wanted her catering company featured in it.



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