New Girl Season2 Review “A Father’s Love” – The New Blue Eyes

We’ve been meeting a lot of family on this season of New Girl, and in this week’s episode, "A Father’s Love," we got to meet the man responsible for Nick, his gambling, con-artist father, Walt (played by Dennis Farina). I have to admit, it’s much easier now to see why Nick has such issues when you realize that his father has been conning him and his friends out of money for his entire life.

And Walt found a new target in Jess, or as he called her, Blue Eyes. Jess can be convinced of anything, so it took next to nothing to convince her to go in on buying a horse for Nick. The horse, of course, of course, was actually going to be sold to some gangster types for its valuable semen, a deal that Nick busted up thanks to his penchant for sweating through his lies.



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